Half term starts and Valentines hearts.
10th February 2016
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Oh lucky lucky ones, not only are your best beloveds off school for the week that is half term, but you get them for Valentines!  So why not cleverly combine loving your kids and your dearest one, with loving the Old Oswestry Hill Fort this weekend?  This hillfort needs BIG LOVE, BIG TIME, and The Good, the Mad and the Bonkers will be out in force on Sunday 14th to wrap our collective arms around it. 

While we are in the mood for lurrve, what about a family visit to Park Hall Farm to see the lambs in this year’s Lambing Live?  You might even get to bottle feed a little lambkin. 

Kinokulture Cinema have the Charlie Brown and Snoopy film for all round family fun and the new Star Wars for you kids of all ages out there.

Oswestry Library – oh how we love you.  The utterly fab Castle is the place to be for the young ones, with books and games galore. For those older children who love to read it’s a perfect and safe environment to curl up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, and you get to take more books home! 

For all you history lovers out there, Saturday 13th February is a must for you.  A full day of talks on everything from Iron Age hillforts, landscape and legends and World War I.


Happy Half Term!

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