Booka's Independent Bookseller Group's FEBRUARY OFFERS
20th January 2011
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Highlights for Booka's IBG (Independent Booksellers' Group) offer for February.

Adult book
Great House by Nicole Kraus
A Gripping Mystery that spans the 20th Century with stories of 3 characters
linked, though they barely know it, by a single item of furniture, a
writer's desk.  An astonishing new novel from the author of 'The
History of Love'. 
RRP: £16.99 Booka offer: £13.99

Children's Book - 12 +
Quarry by Ally Kennen.
This is a masterpiece of psychological suspense.  Scrappy starts receiving anonymous texts challenging him to bizarre dares.  But the texter can't be a friend and the challenges become increasingly dangerous.  Someone knows all the secrets of Scrappy's troubled family and is luring him into a deadly trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RRP:£6.99 Booka offer £5.99

Children's Book - 2+
Elephant Joe is a Knight by David Wojtowycz. 
A new picture book featuring the popular character Elephant Joe star of Elephant Joe is a Pirate and Elephant Joe is a Spaceman which was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.
RRP £6.99 Booka offer: £5.99   

As an Independent Bookseller, Booka are able to offer their customers a selection of
titles at special prices for a limited time period.  These will be clearly displayed in the shop - usually in their 'New Titles' section at the front of the shop.

For more info on Booka Bookshop, watch their video.

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