Which business got 55 Testimonials in 2 months?
11th August 2009
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It’s really great when we get a new client who gets fully involved in what we do.

Kate used to work for one of our clients and set up on her own a few months ago with an organic hair salon in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich, in Newmarket Street.

One of the first things she did was phone us up and ask if we could feature her as a recommended business on thebestofnorwich.

We knew how good Kate was, so we had no qualms about featuring her new business.

Kate fully understands the power of testimonials and, within the space of a few weeks, gave us a handful of testimonial cards completed by her clients. I popped in last week to take photos of Kate receiving her certificate for being recommended on thebestofnorwich, and she gave me even more completed testimonials.

Kate officially now has the most testimonials of any business on thebestofnorwich – she has 55 testimonials!

What most people love about Orb Organic Hair is the use of organic hair products, amazing colour, fantastic haircuts and the fact that they leave smelling wonderful and feeling good – and it’s local.

Here’s just one of the comments:

“Kate is an excellent listener and will always ensure that you are delighted with the results and you get what you want. She is magic with her scissors and her products are the best I have used. PS/ NB her prices are very reasonable.”


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