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11th April 2011
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Video blogging, done right, can engage with your audience in a more powerful way than written and audio communication alone, says Olly Lawyer of OPL Productions, a video production company in Norwich.

However, just like any marketing message, say a business card, it's important not only to get your message spot on, but the presentation too.

A highly polished vlog will ensure, just like your business card, it speaks for company and gives an impression of what customers can expect, says Olly.

"Add a link to your blog, upload to youtube, put on your website, facebook it, twitter it - there are many ways in which you can post your video blog. 

Plus we ensure all our customers video's are optimised so that viewers will see a high quality video that won't keep stopping to load, which is something that puts off a lot of internet users.

Join the revolution and be part of a rapidly increasing number of businesses using a vlog to market their business. "

And to help  you on the way to vlogging, OPL Productions has a special introductory offer:

3 vlogs (video blogs) for £149. Reduced from £349.

What you get:
* Each vlog to be typically 30 seconds to capture and keep attention (although length of time negotiable)
* Must be all at the same location on the same day (additional locations priced on an individual basis)
* Includes animation of your website and your logo
* Fully optimised and high quality for YouTube or as a flash file

"We're good, which means you'll be good and we can prove it: www.oplproductions.co.uk" says Olly, with pride.


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