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19th May 2014
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A massive well done to the team at B2B Cashflow Solution.

Though we make it our business to work with the very best and most exciting companies in the area, sometimes even they exceed expectations, outdoing themselves when it comes to service, professionalism and drive.

When any business goes that extra mile and is recognised for their effort, we think it’s only right to give them a ‘big pat on the back’ and resounding well done.

This month, we’re extending that ‘pat on the back’ to B2B Cashflow who have been awarded a commendation at the recent 2014 Business Moneyfacts Awards at The Lancaster Gate Hotel in London.

Having been in the final six for the third successive year, the highly coveted commendation places the team at B2B Cashflow in the top 3 in their industry, something that proves they are moving in the right direction and growing into an ever more successful enterprise.

With a person centred approach to commercial finance, business banking and financial project management consultancy, B2B Cashflow have always maintained the highest standards in both their professional advice and their customer services.

And with a combined 75 years of experience between their company directors, it’s not surprising that they have the expertise and the knowhow to provide a high quality service resulting in some very satisfied customers.

Though any award or accolade is of course an important achievement for a business, the Moneyfacts Awards are especially important as the Moneyfacts Groups is totally independent and impartial, with awards and commendations given out purely for product excellence and outstanding service.

In fact, the Moneyfacts Awards are held in such high regard by those in the industry that many commercial finance and finance broker groups include their winners’ logos across all marketing channels, using them as a badge of excellence in the field and to let their customers know that they are a cut above the competition.

This is partly due to the fact that, as well as being completely independent, the Moneyfacts Awards are incredibly well researched, with the judges using a combination of methods to ensure the rightful winners receive the commendations on the day.

For product specific categories, detailed weekly analysis of the data provided to Moneyfacts Group is undertaken by a large and well-qualified research team, revealing who has performed the best in areas like factoring and invoice discounting, equity investment and daily business banking.

When it comes to assessing how well a company has performed in the field of customer services and other service categories, the intermediary community is offered the chance to vote for their preferred providers.

Customers are asked to consider each of the areas of service that providers have offered in a given year before voting for the provider who they feel has performed the best.

By combining several different analytical methods, the Moneyfacts Group can ensure that they award the highest honours to the most deserving companies, giving both customers and other players in the industry a clear idea of who is going that extra mile in order to get the job done.

By asking customers to vote for their favourite providers, businesses in the industry can also receive invaluable feedback about their products and business practices, giving them the tools that they need to work even harder and place even higher in next year’s awards.

With a firm emphasis on customer satisfaction, years of specialist experience and the drive to continually improve their products and services, it’s no wonder that B2B Cashflow have finally received the recognition and appreciation that they deserve.


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