My heart sank.....but then I read on with amazement
1st November 2011
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As the owners of the bestofnorwich we do our utmost best to go beyond people's expectations. We don't always succeed - every business has things that don't go to plan, but most of the time we get amazing feedback from our clients.

So, when I went to moderate a testimonial this evening and saw the words:

"Thanks to this site, I travelled from Cambs......"

My heart plummeted and I thought, "Oh no, what's gone wrong."

I had images of someone travelling all the way from Cambridge to Norwich only to have a bad experience. Now this is actually very unlikely, as we vet all our clients, but your mind isn't always at it's most optimistic late on a weekday evening when you're catching up on work.

Then I read on and was amazed - this is what they said:

"Thanks to this site, I travelled from Cambs to have my hair cut and coloured with Kate and I wasn't disappointed!

She was fantastic - I loved the colour and the cut. She was lovely (good dance moves) and made me feel at home.

I won't be going anywhere else - the products are fantastic too."

She then went on to say:

"I wanted to find a hairdresser who used organic products and because of the comments on this site I went to see Katie. I'd like to thank everyone for commenting as I have just found a total gem!

For the first time ever I walked out of a hairdressers loving my cut and colour! Katie just knew what would suit me and did a fantastic job. She also cut my boyfriends hair and he was happy too! It was well worth the drive and I will not be going anywhere else."


Hurray for the power of testimonials and word of mouth marketing.

The full testimonials can be seen here.

And the business she was talking about? Orb Organic Hair.

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