Four Facts About Men’s Hair from FresHair & Barbers
10th November 2015
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So, we thought it was time to share four facts about hair to maybe dispel some male concerns and theories.

Hair Cannot Be Trained – Hair grows from the follicle and the way it grows originates from here.  Your hair cannot be trained to grow curly, straight or wavy just by styling it that way each day.  However, you can spend time using the hairdryer, tongues etc to take your hair in the direction you want it to go.

You Cannot Encourage Grey Hairs to Grow Through Plucking – If you pluck out a grey hair, this does not mean that more will grow in its place.  Grey hairs are actually colourless strands that appear grey due to the collection of dead cells.   Cells in our hair follicles called melanocytes create pigment (colour) and when this pigment stops being created, hair turn grey.  Melanocytes cells can stop producing pigment more quickly in smokers.  In fact if you are a smoker you are more likely to get grey hair than lose it.

Hair Growth Doesn’t Hide Thinning Areas – Once hair begins to thin in certain areas of the scalp, it’s better to keep other areas at a similar length showing the same amount of scalp.  This actually makes thinning hair less noticeable.  If you grow the back and sides for example, the thinner parts show up much more.  Comb over’s do not work well in order to hide thinning hair, because they tell people exactly what the man is trying to hide. 

Dandruff Isn’t Caused By A Dry Scalp – Malassezia, a fungus, is the more probable cause of dandruff.  It’s thought to grow out of control and feed on the oils within your scalp, which in turn causes the white flakiness that we are more familiar with as dandruff.

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