A big thanks to the people who helped us.
11th November 2009
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Well, we've just taken a breather after our obsession of the last two months - organising a business exhibition. Some people said it couldn't be done - but guess what? We did it - and people are asking us to organise another one.

We didn't organise the exhibition to make a profit - although we did break even, thankfully. We purposely kept the pricing low to make it affordable for local businesses and to give value to our clients - an added benefit for being part of thebestofnorwich.

We couldn't have organised this event, though, without the support of local people.

Marie Coles of Business Connections worked tirelessly to distribute our 40,000 leaflets around Norfolk and her help with the planning and organisation.

Toastmaster Bob took away our stress on the day - I can't imagine how we would have coped without him. I advise anyone organising a large event to get the help of this Norwich toastmaster on the day.

NE-Xcuse who specialise in providing DJs and music for events, provided music on the day.

Chloe Smith MP came along to open the event and chatted to the exhibitors to find out what issues are affecting local businesses. She picked the best stand - Kall Kwik, one of our recommended Norwich printers, not just for the presentation of their stand, but for the friendly welcome and the fact that they were giving a work experience person some invaluable business experience.

The trophy was provided by 4trophies in Norwich.

We've had some brilliant feedback but one of the best things for us was seeing the video of the event. Olly from OPL Productions, a Norwich video production company  trawled through hours of video to come up with a snapshot of the event.

OPL Productions are one of our newest clients and Olly, from OPL, is one of the nicest people you could meet. When I first met him to talk about featuring him on thebestofnorwich, I got the date wrong (unusual for me!) and was sitting in a bar waiting for him (where else would you meet a client???). When I phoned him he told me we were due to meet the following day, but he said "don't worry, I'll jump in the car and come over straight away."

I thought we'd arranged to meet near to his place of work but it turns out he had gone home and had to come from the other side of Norwich to get to me - not only that, his dinner was in the oven and he grabbed it to eat on his way!

This epitomises Olly's attitude to his work and people he deals with. If he can put himself out to get to a meeting like this, just imagine the lengths he'll go to for his clients. He also has the knack of putting people at ease, which is doubly important when you're in front of a camera!


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