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12th June 2012
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Father’s Day often doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day. Let’s face it – mums are always around, often the ones who tend to our wounds (both physical and emotional!), make sure we kept safe, warm and clean... whereas solid, dependable old dad can sometimes fade into the background.


But don’t fathers deserve treating just as much as mums? Ok, so they may wince at the sight of blood and not have a clue where the plasters are kept, have no idea how to turn the washing machine on and scarper for the hills at the slightest mention of ‘the birds and the bees’, but they work hard to support us, are usually the ‘fun’ parent who can always make you laugh when you’re down and although they’d never admit it, worship the ground we walk on.
But what to buy?


The first thing that I usually worry about is getting my father and my child’s daddy a gift. This usually causes hours of quandary. Do I go with the classic socks and slippers combo and risk my father affectionately looking at me and saying, “Thanks darling, I really needed more socks and slippers!” (I would like to make a note of the sarcasm that laces his words). I think we can all agree that buying presents for dads can often be tricky.


So where in Newmarket can you go to purchase a fabulous gift that he might actually want?


Luckily for us, Newmarket can cater to your every need. So if you have only just realised that the last week or two has disappeared into the past, and you have not got round to organising anything then you are in luck. Below you will find information that hopefully will aid your journey to Father’s day perfection.


If you are blessed with a father who is not afraid of a little pampering, then White Tara Complementary Health and Beauty Clinic is the answer. There are various treatments available for men, perhaps a ‘feet tidy’ is the indulgence your loved one may need. If the father in question isn’t quite brave enough to deal with the possible mickey-taking in the pub, a deep tissue massage may feel a little more masculine.


If this doesn’t suit your needs, then perhaps something a little different is in order. A man’s pride and joy is his car. You could always surprise him with a mini valet; or even a full valet if you’re feeling generous. Newmarket has a choice of valeting businesses to choose from - why not check out Newmarket Car Valeting or Autogleam Valeting?


The next thing on the Father’s Day agenda - something to do to treat dad whilst keeping the kids entertained. Although Sunday’s activities are for dad, it is about the children also. It is an opportunity to show their dad how much they love him; this can be hard if they are suffering from boredom whilst being dragged around doing something that is not interesting to them.


So what can you do to please everyone involved? Newmarket is home to the only thoroughbred stud farm in the country; the National Stud not only offers tours around the farm, but it also houses one of the most popular cafes, coffee shops and tea rooms in the area. This fabulous venue could be the answer to your prayers - you can experience a fascinating tour which is sure to keep the children entertained and then enjoy a fabulous lunch which will definitely satisfy dad!


If this is not the outing for you, then you could always opt for a light lunch at one of the leading Gastro pubs in the Newmarket area. The Carpenters Arms offers high quality, traditional pub food or you could book a table in the restaurant where you can enjoy French cuisine. Either way you are sure to leave with a full belly and a happy family.


This year, I have planned a day full of things for dad to do with our offspring. I find Father’s Day the perfect chance for me to say thank you to my partner for blessing me with such a wonderful child. After the day is done and my child is tucked up in bed, a babysitter will take over and we will be going out for a lovely meal, giving me the chance to spoil him. I have not yet met a man who does not like Indian food. Newmarket is home to some fantastic Indian cuisine; why not book a table for two at either Montaz or The Old Scotch? Both are guaranteed to get those taste buds tingling, and finish off the day wonderfully.


And to all the families looking forward to a day of celebration, have a fabulous day.

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