Why Fish & Chips Are (arguably) The Healthiest Food In Town!
22nd June 2022
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I've been very pleased to recommend St Mary's Fish & Chips, in St Mary's Road on The bestof Market Harborough for the past 2 years, because their customer's reviews consistently mention the 'high quality of their food and fast service', and knowing Costas (the owner), and his passion for his business over the last 20 plus years, I was intrigued to know his secret for business success. So, in conversation, this is what Costas said:

"I believe that Fish & Chip Shops have traditionally had a lot of misinformed bad press over the years for being perceived as a 'guilty pleasure', rather than supplying a wholesome healthy meal. The trouble is there is a lot of inconsistency in the industry, because unfortunately, there are many traders who have given us a bad name over time, mostly through their method of cooking".

Please explain what you mean.

"You see, it's not only about the quality of product that's important but essentially the method of cooking".


Sam & Costas at St Mary's Fish & Chips

So what are the key factors that make the difference?

"Of course, you first need to always source the best quality fresh products. That should go without saying, but you'd be surprised. For example, let's talk about the chips. Most potatoes you might buy at a supermarket are not ideal for making chips because they have a too high sugar content. We source specially home grown potatoes with lower sugar content which are both healthier and ideal for cooking at the higher temperatures required. 

So secondly, both the fish and the chips need to be cooked at HIGH temperatures (380 degrees), higher than most household properties capability (and unfortunately many restaurants, pubs and even fish and chips shops) to produce the quality tasting and less greasy end product. 

High temperatures will seal the food to prevent the oil penetrating the product which would otherwise produce a greasier and less healthy meal. So unless you have the right equipment, you won't be able to achieve these temperatures, and the result could be a more greasy and potentially soggier product. It won't be as tasty and will definitely be less healthy to eat.

But it's not sufficient to just cook at high temperatures, it has to be maintained at high temperatures as well. 

At St Mary's Fish & Chips, like all good Fish & Chip retailers, we invested in high quality equipment some years ago to ensure we can cook and also  maintain fish and chips to the highest standard at the correct temperature, to produce both a very tasty and healthier fish supper. 

I've been cooking and eating fish and chips nearly every day for many years and nobody can say I'm exactly overweight or unhealthy can they?!"

So now you know the secret of why 'Fish & Chips are a healthy dinner option' -  (that is, as long as you buy them from St Mary's Fish & Chips in St Mary's Road, Market Harborough! However, 'some' other quality fish & chip retailers are available!)

Simon Perry
The Bestof Market Harborough

(I was talking with Costas Xiourouppa, long time owner of St Mary's Fish & Chips, Market Harborough - June 2022)

St Mary's Fish & Chips
72 St Marys Road
Market Harborough
LE16 7DX

01858 433457

See their web feature here.




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