What Price For A Gutter Clean?
20th May 2020
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So, What Price Should I Be Looking At To Clean My Gutters?

This is a really good question and finding the right company to clean gutters in the Market Harborough region can be a lottery. You will find that for such a straightforward job, there are many variations out there. Here at Java Cleaning Services, I will try to explain why.

You may think that cleaning out gutters should be a relatively easy job. Well, you would be right, but that would depend on how well you’d expect the job to be done. We all know how important it is to keep our gutters clear to protect our property, but with every ‘easy’ job there is also an element of know-how and experience that is required.

Perhaps there is a part that's very hard to reach, not much room to work with or the floor area you have to stand on is super slippy. Perhaps you need to overreach to clear out that last stubborn area of your gutters. So to be frank, it can be quite dangerous at times and experience and expertise is something that will need to be drawn on from time to time.


Of course,  we could all go online and find someone right now to clean our gutters in Market Harborough for about £30 - no problem. But what do we know about them?

In fact some time ago, my parents did something even worse. A guy who had noticed their gutters, soffits and fascias needed cleaning, knocked on their door and offered his services. My parents live in a four bed detached house, so it’s not small. They agreed £200 to clean out the gutters and clean the soffits and fascias. Do you think that’s expensive?

Two men did this particular job and it took them about two hours with a ladder, bucket and sponge. My parents paid the men in cash. But it wasn’t until after they had left, my parents realised that the down pipes had not been cleaned properly, a pet hate of my mum’s. (This happened just before I started my business).

This really spurred me on to start ‘Java Cleaning Services’

 Because of what happened, my parents then needed me to clean out their gutters again for them. These guys, whilst you could argue had good intentions, actually hadn’t completed the job properly. What I found quite upsetting was that my parents, whilst ‘switched on’, actually became quite vulnerable in this situation.

  • Their gutters were not cleaned out properly,
  • the soffits and fascias were still dirty
  • and those down pipes were simply not touched at all.

In fact, the only thing that was going down the drain was their money! It took me another three hours to complete the job properly for them.

We all make choices about who we use for different services. Some suppliers are cheaper, some will promise to do certain things in specified times, and although there are some great service companies available, many unfortunately will cost you dearly in the long run.

So our advice is – always check out the reputation of a service you hire, because a little basic research can save you a lot of money and frustration.  Are they qualified to do the job, have the experience, know-how and is the price they’re asking proportionate to the job required? And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

"Had Java Cleaning Services to clean out guttering. On one side of my property the gutter was overflowing due to the down pipe blockage caused by moss off of my roof. Had my doubts as to whether their system would do it.
Need not have worried, James cleared the blockage and showed me pictures of the cleared pipe and clean gutters. He is a very pleasant guy, easy to talk to and I will use him again and recommended him" -  Mervyn H (Wigston).

Here at Java Cleaning Services, we are proud of our guaranteed quality service standards, our friendly nature and our fair and complete transparency with our pricing. But most of all, we are proud of our reputation and the positive comments and praise we regularly receive from our Leicestershire customers. It gives us personal satisfaction to know that our customers have complete confidence our service will always be delivered to the highest standard and at a fair price.

But we believe every service company should earn the right to be selected for a job based on their experience and reputation, because regrettably, there are too many unskilled shark traders looking for a quick sale to ‘rip you off’ with either shoddy workmanship or extortionate prices, or in some cases, both.

If you are looking for a quality gutter clear service, we recommend you look for a standard pricing policy which is based on:

  • the size of your house,
  • how many stories,
  • how many rooms
  • and whether or not you have a conservatory.

At Java for example, our prices start from £59 for a gutter clear for a two bedroom bungalow, ranging to £328 for a full gutter clear, soffit/ fascia clean service for a two story house with more than five bedrooms and a conservatory.

We have a quoting tool on our website where you can just pop in your details and the service you would like. Based on your answers, it calculates the price and it emails the quote over to you directly.

Like all reputable companies, it’s imperative to us at Java Cleaning, that our customers feel that they can trust us 100% with their property. Of course there’ll be exceptions, but it’s our belief that any company will ultimately be judged on their experience and reputation and should be selected with justified expectation of a quality service for a reasonable price.

In a nutshell, the cost of getting someone to clear out your gutters, clean your soffits and fascias will differ hugely. And the amount that you can spend as a consumer will depend on the choices that you make.

Of course, you don’t have to choose us, but we’ll always welcome a no obligation call to offer any advice on any aspect of clearing out your gutters, fascias or soffits.

And if you are in Leicestershire, we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can help you, how we can meet your requirements and how we can meet your budget needs. We are only a ‘phone call away.

If you’d like to check us out, you can visit our website and facebook page, see our reviews and see how we are recommended on The Bestof Market Harborough.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. Please call me if you’d like any further advice.

James Feakes – owner of Java Cleaning Services, Leicester.
Tel: 0116 430 0296

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