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5th August 2015
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Don't Be Fooled Into Thinking You Have To Have Your Car Serviced at "An Authorised Dealer" In Market Harborough!


If you are a car owner, you'll know the value of being able to trust a good mechanic to carry out your servicing and repairs. After all, it's not just about your safety, but the inconvenience of being 'off the road' should your car let you down.

This week, I am delighted to welcome and highly recommend Graham Packer and his team at 'Roy Hubbard Motors' in Farndon Road to The Bestof Market Harborough.

I've had my own car regularly serviced here for the past 4 years and honestly, I wouldn't feel comfortable about taking it anywhere else!

For most of us, our knowledge about fuel pipes, rear diffs, cv gaitors and dampers might be a little rusty, so 'only because we are a little busy', we'd prefer to leave our servicing needs to a qualified and trustworthy mechanic, who hopefully won't rip us off with some extortionate bill!

The thing about Roy Hubbard Motors is they have been in the town as an independent motor service, MOT and repair centre since 1980 and they value their reputation as arguably the best service centre in the region. They have invested in acquiring advanced diagnostic technology equipment to quickly identify and repair faults on just about any make of vehicle with highly trained and skilled mechanics.

Customer satisfaction...at a fair price!

They know the importance of always giving complete customer satisfaction for both the quality of their work and the friendly manner in which it is delivered! And because they're 'independent', they can charge a 'fair and highly competitive price' for a top quality and caring service.

New Service Plan Club:

The recently introduced 'Service Plan Club' gives you an even better opportunity to save money - not only on all your car expences, but your domestic expenditure aswell! Confused?  Read all about it here!

Important Information About Your Warranty:

If you have a relatively new car, you might assume your hands are tied and you have to have your car serviced (at premium price) at your local manufacturer's dealership 'to protect your warranty'. Well, that's not actually true, as you'll read about in the 'Block Exemption' paragraph below.

'Block Exemption' - Your Freedom of Choice!

We, as consumers are lead to believe that our cars during the warranty period must be serviced with genuine parts only by the manufacturer's authorised franchise dealership, otherwise the warranty could be invalid. And even though these 'authorised dealerships' usually charge considerably more than most independent garages, we go along with this directive because we want to keep the service record squeaky clean and not risk invalidating the warranty.

Well, actually you don't have to go to the manufacturer's authorised franchised dealership at all as detailed in 'Block Exemption Regulations' which was first introduced on 1st June 2010 by the European Commission to safeguard your freedom to go wherever you choose!

Car manufacturers cannot insist that even during a warranty period you must have your car serviced in their franchised dealership. And you will not invalidate your warranty (here's the important bit), "as long as the car has been serviced to the manufacturers specification using original equipment or matching quality parts."

For more info on Block Exemption Regulations, click here to see this AA report.

So my advice is, take your car to Roy Hubbard Motors where you can be assured of a personal and top quality service meeting the manufacturer's specification and save yourself some money!

Have a great week.


Simon Perry
The Bestof Market Harborough

PS: STOP PRESS!! - GREAT AUGUST OFFER FOR ALL 'Bestof MH' readers (that's you!)

If you book a service with Roy Hubbard Motors during August and quote this 'Bestof Market Harborough Offer', you can claim "a FREE Engine Flush' and an EXTRA '10% off your Labour charges'! (Click the links for details).

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