What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?
27th January 2022
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What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

It’s a big question but, if you’re feeling overwhelmed running your business or have come to the realisation that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, you’d be mad not to consider the answer.

Picture it……  You’ve made the leap and now work for yourself or run a small, successful business.  You’re doing something you enjoy (hopefully!) and everything’s going swimmingly, apart from the fact that your admin pile is spiralling out of control and you seem to spend more time dealing with paperwork than getting the job done.

Sound Familiar?

This is the time to consider using the services of a VA.  They can free up your valuable time, leaving you to concentrate on running your business; they can also add ‘size’ to a small company, something that may help impress potential clients.

Businesses, both large and small, can find themselves in need of some (extra) support, but it is often only required on an ad-hoc basis, leaving them unwilling to consider employing their own admin person, even on a part-time basis.  A VA is perfect in these circumstances.  They can step in, undertake the tasks required and simply invoice you for the actual time taken.

A Virtual Assistant doesn’t need you to supply an office, computer equipment or training and there’s no employment contract requiring sick pay or other benefits.  You simply pay for the time taken to complete the tasks you assign.

One of the biggest admin drains on business time is back-office duties. 

As well as undertaking general typing, a VA can cover areas including:

•    Monitor and reply to emails
•    Build/maintain a client database or CRM system
•    Diary Management
•    Arrange travel and accommodation
•    Create invoices and perform simple bookkeeping duties
•    Event management
•    Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

This is just a very small look at the things you could delegate to a VA.  Depending on your business needs, a VA can virtually run your back office and act as your PA, undertaking all the usual office support services.

Wondering about the cost?

Whilst you are distracted with admin, you are not making money for your business.  Letting go of the tasks that can easily be passed over will free up your time to work on your business and ultimately bring more money into it.

So, if you think that you don’t need a Virtual Assistant, think again.  Given the chance, a good VA could help you make money, not waste it!

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