Wedding joy at Alden Electrical Ltd
15th January 2010
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Whilst the majority of Alden Electrical Ltd were caught up with the excitement of buying, selling and installing the Christmas Trees this year in Market Harborough, one of our key staff members had other things on his mind!  Steve Garratt was busy preparing a home, and planning a wedding, for himself and his lovelyl girlfriend Dimple.  December 12th was the very special date and the first of their ceremonies was to take place at County Hall registry office in Glenfield.  They both looked very happy and made a handsome couple.

There followed a slightly more elaborate affair at a Hindu Centre in Leicester. As  we (his colleagues)  had never attended a Hindu wedding before we found it most interesting and entertaining.  Both Steve and Dimple had changed into their Indian wedding outfits.  Steve suited his very well and Dimple looked absolutely stunning.  Whilst they performed their many rituals the guests sat back and enjoyed delicious food and drink.

The day finished with an evening of disco dancing, more food, drink and great fun.  Mr and Mrs Garratt flew to their honeymoon destination of Sri Lanka the next day.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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