Update From Market Harborough Carnival Committee
13th June 2010
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A big thank you to all who were involved in the Carnival yesterday, and today. It was a great day - again - and I am sure everyone in the Town who watched the Parade or went to the Ground were impressed.
All of you completed the tasks that you volunteered for and can be proud of the results.
As of the first count I believe that we have raised about £7000, £1400 lower than last year but last year was exceptional. Consensus on the ground was that there were a lot of people around but they were not spending as much as before, but also this is happening wherever they go.
I have a debrief with the Police on my return from Florida sometime after 1st July but I do not anticipate any major problems. There was too much traffic within the Parade but I have established that it was as result of a rule change that we were not aware of.
See you in September.

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