Top Tips For Summer Angling From Carp Catchers Market Harborough
17th July 2008
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Now that the summer holidays are here many of you will be fishing a lot more, some of you will be thinking of getting a friend or relative interested or you may never have fished and would like some advice on how to get started. Here are some general fishing hints and tips which may be helpful wether you are young or old, an experienced angler or novice:

Getting started does not have to be expensive £15 to £20 for your tackle should be adequate if you are on a tight budget

As Izzak Walton said "Study to be quiet" any noise you make on the bank will be transmitted through the water much more readily than through the air. The fish can pick up these vibrations and will be frightened away. So remember walk softly and speak quietly.

Feed your swim little and often to keep the fish in your swim for the duration of your stay.

On still hot days when the fish may be shy biting, shot your float down finely so the tip is just above the surface.

If you are after the bigger fish you need to get your bait down through the smaller ones before they nab your bait, bulk your shot nearer the hook to achieve this.

Try to fish into dusk/dark if you can as this the prime time for good fishing and very often the best time for the bigger specimens.

If you do fish into dusk/dark try targeting the margins. Most matchmen throw their left over bait into the margins when the match is over so the fish are used to finding bait there.

Surface fishing with bread can be problematic, as the bread can come off easily and is often nibbled away by fish fry. To combat this try the excellent artificial bread hookbaits now available.

When and if we get any sun this summer, make sure you take plenty to drink as sitting in the sun can leave you badly dehydrated. Water, sports drinks or some weak squash are the ideal, avoid sugary drinks as these can actually dehydrate you further initially.

Wear a wide brimmed or peaked hat/cap to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your head.

Wear polarised sunglasses they cut out the glare from the waters surface which will allow you to see under the water. Polarised sunglasses will also prevent you from getting "glare" headaches and protect your eyes from UV radiation.

Finally ask for help and advice from your local tackle shop, we will endeavour to be as friendly and helpful as we can.

Best fishes

John Tai

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