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17th February 2009
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Wow look at the press release from my local networking business club, with some clever SEO from Steve at Mckenzie-Thorpe and the numerous links from Thebestof Market Harborough we have seen the Google rankings climb higher and higher.

"Harborough's fastest-growing online business network leaps to the top of Google

The online business networking website of the Market Harborough Business Club (MHBC) has reached the number 1 position on Google for a range of networking and business-building keywords. The site is not just the fastest-growing business networking group in the Harborough area, it's also the lead-generating website that Google ranks the highest.

In just four months, the MHBC website ( has attracted 41 business members and climbed to the top of the search-engine rankings. The site went live in October 2008.

"Online networking is clearly the way forward for business networking groups," says MHBC Chairman, Steve Castledine. "By combining traditional face-to-face networking with the speed and reach of the internet, we have multiplied our network of contacts. By the end of the year, we expect to have at least 100 online members and the liveliest business advice network in the region."

The MHBC meets every Friday at 7.00am at the Angel Hotel. The club's online network fills the gaps between weekly meetings with blogging, business news, and instant advice on a wide range of business issues. The site includes an experts' forum that attracts a stream of business questions, most of which are answered within a couple of days.

The range of subjects covered by the experts includes information technology, office admin, accountancy systems, internet marketing, photography, copywriting, telephone systems, selling skills, and blogging.

"Where else could you get free business advice from the best local business brains?" says Steve. "Registration is free, after which you can promote your business as often as you like on the website. The only requirement for membership is that you want to do more business in Harborough and help boost the local economy."

The site is doing well in the search engines because it reflects the collective wisdom of the MHBC. Many of the club's members already run successful online and offline businesses in the Harborough region.

Steve explains: "Success breeds success on the internet. The more popular and active a site becomes, the higher it scores in the search-engine rankings. Which in turn makes the site more popular. If you promote your business on the MHBC website, you become part of a high-profile business community that continually attracts new business. In short, you generate new contacts and new sales leads."

The Market Harborough Business Club meets for business and for breakfast every Friday at 7.00am at the Angel Hotel, Market Harborough. The club has been running for a year and a half. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Breakfast is free to first-time visitors.

The MHBC networking website is a new venture for the club. Any local business can join the online network for free. It does not have to be a member of the weekly networking club.

Google rankings
As at 13 February 2009, achieved the following Google rankings:
business club Harborough page 1, position 1
business networking Harborough page 1, position 1
business leads Harborough page 1, position 1
business referrals Harborough page 1, position 1
business club Leicestershire page 1, position 3
business referrals Leicestershire page 1, position 5
networking club Leicestershire page 1, position 7
business leads Leicestershire page 3, position 2

Further information
For more information email MHBC Chairman, Steve Castledine, "

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