The Good Knot Guide For Anglers In And Around Market Harborough
9th October 2008
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The Good Knot Guide

Tying reliable fishing knots is easy if you adhere to the following guidelines.

o If a knot does not look right it isn't right, so snip it off and start again

o If there is any wrinkling of the line above the knot the line has been weakened by friction, cut it off and start again.

o Wet all knots with some saliva and tighten firmly but steadily to prevent friction.

o Make sure the knot is suitable for your intended purpose

o Slippage can occur with most knots, so don't cut tag ends too close to the knot

o Knot slippage can prevented by putting a small dab of super glue on the knot coils, but is only really suitable for lines of
10lb breaking strain and above.

o Practice makes perfect

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