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17th July 2013
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Children’s safety is the Number One concern for all parents, and increasingly that includes keeping them safe in their digital world… in other words on the internet, texting and anything else they do online.

Many parents are finding out that their kids know more than they do when it comes to computers and mobile devices, and understandably, some find that hard to admit. Combine that with children’s natural curiosity and the unregulated internet, and many parents feel less than adequately equipped to guide their children in the right direction.

That’s why in September, Get Safe Online will be launching its ‘Switched On’ campaign, aimed at parents who feel they need to know more about the subject (and let’s face it ... who doesn’t?). The campaign will recommend the best approach to advising and guiding children about what’s right and what’s not, and suggest some of the technology steps parents can put in place to keep checks on their online activity. It’s about being a ‘switched on’ parent equipped to engage effectively with children on online safety.

The expert advice is being put together and circulated with the help of Get Safe Online partners Neighbourhood Watch and Symantec.

For more information, you can visit www.getsafeonline.org

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