Protect your vehicles from catalytic converter theft
10th July 2012
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NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch in Harborough has teamed up with town’s police to help people protect themselves from catalytic converter theft.

The latest theft of a catalytic converter happened over the weekend in Smyth Close, Harborough.

A Toyota vehicle had its catalytic converter stolen between 8pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.

There has been a number of thefts in Harborough of catalytic converters due to the high price of metal.

Now Neighbourhood Watch and the police are combating the thefts with a kit to help people mark their converters.

Victims of this kind of theft will now receive a Catalytic Converter Marking Kit for free.

Neighbourhood Watch members and Harborough residents will be able to buy the kits for £5.

The kit works by marking the converters so that, if they happen to be stolen, the police can track them down easily.

Further details are available from Harborough Police Station or by calling 0116 2222222.

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