Profile of a Local Photographer
12th July 2017
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Profile of a Local Photographer:

Here is an example of our thought process when we recently selected 'Paul Mawson Design and Photography' and invited him to become a recommended member of The Bestof  Market Harborough.

Paul Mawson is a photographer based in Market Harborough who was brought to our attention after recently providing some "outstanding work" for Adams and Jones Estate Agents in the town centre.

So why did we choose Paul Mawson?

We invited Paul to join The Bestof Market Harborough last month because he quite simply meets our strict criteria as set out below to highly recommend his services to the local community.

To capture the best images that 'stand out' whether the subject is a property, a scenic view, an animal, an individual person or group of people is without doubt a skill only mastered by a highly talented photographer. It's someone who knows his trade and all the technical adjustments necessary to 'wow' the viewer.

But of course, it's not only 'skill and talent' that makes a good local photographer. It's also about personality, professionalism, originality, creativity and a dedication to providing 'exceptional' customer service and all at a fair price. By that I mean it's so important to listen to exactly what the client requires, a willingness to suggest and offer advice, a friendly, professional and obliging attitude with an appropriate sense of humour.

Don't forget the kids!

And if that's not enough, we also look for an ability to work with all kinds of people - all ages and genders and a particular affinity/patience with kids!

By now you are probably wondering how we know about these qualities.

'We know' because the final judgement we look for comes from a number of the photographer's own past clients - their highly valued comments and reviews revealing their relationship and experiences from a working shoot.

A review such as:

"Paul took photos of us doing our show in as part of Arts Fresco in Market Harborough. We have photos taken of us doing shows all over the world and very rarely there is maybe 1 usable image of us doing our show. Well Paul took multiple images which we use regularly to promote our show and use on our website. Just today an image was used on social media to promote a major arts event in Newcastle. Hugely impressive images capturing exactly what we do. We hope he takes some more of us next time!"

Goronwy T. (July 2017).

Or how about this review from Emma F.

"Choosing a photographer for our wedding was not a difficult choice as we already knew Paul to be extremely good in his professionalism and approach. He listens to what is wanted and produces amazing pictures... first class..."

Emma F. (July 2017)

We also took into consideration Paul's credentials and past business client assignments, companies such as Bentley, IBM, Heinz, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, The Ministry of Defence, Nacanco, BSI and Plaxton.

But in addition to his impressive portfolio, we knew Paul believes very much in supporting local businesses and them supporting each other. Indeed his goal is (I quote) "to become THE recognised name associated with a quality photographic service in the local community". Somehow we know he will achieve his goal.

If you'd like to find out more about Paul Mawson Design and Photography or for his contact details, click here.

Our criteria for selecting quality independent businesses we can showcase on  The Bestof Market Harborough in any category depends on a similar process to ensure that every one endorses our brand and our passion for supporting the BEST local independent businesses in Market Harborough - as our own reputation depends on it!

If you have a business or know of a local business you would like to recommend and you think would meet our 'quality' criteria, please let us know by emailing us at

Simon Perry
The Bestof Market Harborough
Tel: 07944 167840


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