Plan ahead for exterior decorating!
7th January 2010
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Plan ahead

Now’s the time to think about refreshing rooms, or checking the exterior paintwork.  After two long wet summers, and snow and frost licking away at the paintwork, it’s a good idea to get it planned in ahead!

Decorating tends to run with the seasons: the summers are for exterior work; the winters for interiors. At least, that’s the theory. In practice, we always do our best to fit in the work exactly when you need it. But nothing beats knowing in advance that the work will be completed at a time that suits you – in readiness for special events, when children are away at school, or at a time of year when you can throw open the windows to let paint and paper dry faster.

Its a good feeling when the most valuable investment you make, your home, is in good order! Search out the colours that inspire you! We can pop a colour chart in the post to you if you like!

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