Phone Scams Latest Thing To Be Aware Of According To Market Harborough Police
12th November 2009
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This is a message to all Watch members and Key Individuals from Harborough & Lutterworth Police.

British Telecom is warning its customers to be on their guard after a series of phone scams involving people claiming to be calling from the company.

The scammers call up their victim and warn them that their account is in arrears.

They then ask for credit card or bank account details in order to settle the debt.

If the person refuses or asks for proof, the fraudsters then offer to prove who they are by disconnecting the phone line then and there.

Harborough Police would advise anyone who receives a call of this nature NOT to give out personal bank details under ANY circumstances and to simply to put the phone down and end the call. If on dialling 1471 – you are able to obtain the callers telephone number – this information would naturally be most useful to the police and we would welcome your calls on 0116 222 2222.

Please pass this message onto as many people as you can. Your help is truly appreciated.

Henry Whatley (7729)
Community Initiatives Co-ordinator
Harborough & Lutterworth Police

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