Make No Bones About It Nimble Fingerz Crafters Find Looks Sinister In Rothwell
31st May 2009
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Last weekend an investigation began into a find by Natalie Hill a director with Nimble Fingerz Crafting Emporium based in Rothwell just over the border in Northamptonshire. When she was packing away at the end of another busy day teaching one of the many crafts available at their craft emporium Natalie came across some bones, bleached and white but apparently with knuckles on them. The irony is obvious with her running a company called Nimble Fingerz and finding what looks like two severed fingers. The police were sympathetic and very efficient arriving within half an hour of the call to the control centre, on inspection of the bones the police officers were not sure if they were human or not and decided to send them off for further investigation. As of yet Natalie still hasn't heard from the police as to the origin of the bones and is still not sure what the outcome will be. She was amazed at the amount of interest her find had generated when the local radio stations and papers got in touch along with local television. Until the result of the tests are confirmed there is unlikely to be any further publicity about the find so it's business as usual at The Nimble Fingerz Craft Emporium in Rothwell
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