Leicestershire Police Pledge To Stay In Place
11th August 2010
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I am sure many of you will have heard announcements
from the coalition Government, that the Policing Pledge,
introduced in December 2008, has been abolished.
My colleagues and I have given careful consideration to
what this announcement means for us and the future of
the Policing Pledge within Leicestershire Constabulary.
The performance framework formerly laid down within
the Pledge promises has been removed however, it is
our view that the principles and values within the Pledge
are about ‘doing the right thing’ and about ensuring we
provide a professional and positive service to you - the
public of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.
Over the past 18 months we have seen a significant rise
in public satisfaction around crime and anti-social
behaviour. We believe that our Policing Pledge has
significantly contributed to that increase. Consequently,
our Pledge remains valid and Leicestershire
Constabulary will continue to strive to achieve a high
quality service and to keep the promises we make to our
Steph Morgan
Assistant Chief Constable
Our priorities
Our local Pledge to you is that during the next three
months, we will tackle the following local priorities:
1. Alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in Market
Harborough town centre and its public parks,
between 6pm and midnight each evening, and at
all times at weekends;
2. Speeding on Lubenham Hill, Rockingham Road,
Farndon Road and Kettering Road, all Market
Harborough, between 8am and 9:30am and again
between 4:30pm and 6pm on weekdays.
For more information about our Policing Pledge, visit our
website at www.leics.police.uk/policingpledge or pick up
a leaflet at your local police station.
A message from your LPU
At the half way point this year I am pleased
to tell you that we continue to see a
reduction in home burglaries, and thefts
from motor vehicles is now heading in the
right direction as well.
We have seen an ever changing picture
where the property stolen from vehicles has switched
from ‘registration plates’ to ‘catalytic converters’ (due to
the rising price of precious metals). Sadly many offences
could have been prevented easily had vehicles been
locked and property removed from view.
With our local authority partners we are part way through
our ‘Safer Summer’ campaign which was instigated to
look at anti-social behaviour and alcohol abuse during
the run up to the World Cup and the school summer
holidays. During the World Cup we saw no increase in
alcohol-related violent crime and we hope this continues
through the summer months.
Inspector Neal Holland
Harborough LPU Commander

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