Key Benefits for Conservatory Blinds
23rd October 2009
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Most people build a conservatory, hoping it can be used to provide extra living space, and often with the idea of it being used as a place for entertainment, recreation and relaxation. Unfortunately, unless properly taken care of and furnished, they can often simply fall into neglect with the main reason for this being that they are either unbearably hot in summer, or extremely cold during the winter months.


Different blinds types offer different benefits.

Vertical blinds can often work out more economical but will take the window sill space.

Venetian blinds are a good option because they have all the benefits of verticals without the drawbacks, but can be higher maintenance.

Roller blinds are fine as they will roll up and out of the way when not needed but don't offer the same kind of flexibility that vertical or venetian blinds do.

Roman blinds are also a good option as they will help keep the conservatory warmer in the winter but they will take out some of the top windows due to how they fold up.

Pleated blinds are designed for the conservatory. Most have a special backing which is coated to reflect the heat and light from the sunshine in the summer. But they can also act as insulators come winter helping the conservatory to retain the heat.


Pleated blinds come in either a freehanging option or as what is known as a perfect fit blind -

Be sure to check out our gallery on the Harborough Blinds website to see them in action.



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