It's Good to talk - especially when it's FREE!
17th January 2010
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My Dad still struggles to believe it even though I have emailed him a copy of the bills as evidence.  He lives in Dubai and last month he spent 16 and a half hours on the pohne speaking to people in the UK...and the total cost of the calls...£0.38...yes 38 pence!  I am VERY excited by the fact that when I now call my parents, we can talk without fear of running up a huge bill.

By using a special telephone adaptor which you simply plug into your internet router, and then plug into your phone we are able to benefit from the same great value calls we get on our main landline, and for us, that means our calls are FREE!

The adapter has it's own UK telephone number which goes wherever the telephone adaptor goes, whether that's Derby or Dubai.

Who do you know who has relatives abroad that would like to talk for free?  It would be my pleasure to show them how.

Have a great week!

Karen x

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