How To EFFORTLESSLY Support Your Local Businessess!
8th January 2020
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I've heard it said by so many people  that the backbone of Market Harborough town is our local businesses - independent businesses many of which have been the welcomed character of our town for generations!

We have so many characters, all with a helping smile and always wanting to serve their loyal customers to the very best of their ability. It's in their DNA!

And yet it seems to me that we all too often do very little to support their future.

Well here's a thought I'd ask you to consider:

In order for a small business to compete, they need to generate 'good will' - ie a reputation for consistently providing good quality products and an excellent service.

But they cannot do that themselves! Because, well of course they are going to say they are 'brilliant' aren't they? It's their business! And we wouldn't believe them!

But if YOU, their customer, said they were brilliant', because of your personal experience, others would take notice and would be more likely to want to have that experience too. That business would likely gain a new loyal customer and it would be thoroughly deserved!


At the end of January, we'll once again be counting the votes to announce this year's BUSINESS OF THE YEAR, and until then you have the chance to influence that result by voting for your favourite business/es with your brief review from the list of qualifiers.

And you could win £100 to spend with a great local business!

You'll automatically be enterered into a monthly prize draw to win £100 each time you leave a review!

To see the 2019/20 list of qualifiers, go to our leaderboard here, select the town category 'M' (for Market Harborough!), and choose your favourite business/es and click on the 'Help Them Win' link. Then, just follow the easy instruction and BOOM! - you've just supported a great local business! It's that easy!

Or, if you'd prefer, ask that business for one of the purple and yellow review cards (see image below) and fill in your review there and then and return it to the business owner. Of course, you'll have to verify that it's actually YOU who has left the review, otherwise the whole process could be open to some nasty fraudulent behaviour!

Let me give you an example of how offering a WRITTEN review for a local business you particularly like, can greatly influence trade (as well as supporting their chance in the BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARDS):



Yesterday I collected a written review from a lady called Susie who had been inspired to describe her feelings about the service she had received from Millington Travel, the independent travel company in Market Harborough High Street.

I quote:

" Exceptional 5 star service as always from Laura. Laura is very patient, helpful and informative. She always goes the extra mile to help us with all travel arrangements. I can't praise her enough!" Susie R

That would have taken Susie just a couple of minutes to write, but what an impact!

Firstly, it made Laura (and her bosses!) very proud to know that her efforts were appreciated - great for morale and job satisfaction.

But also, such a positive statement will give massive confidence to others to know they will likely get equally good service from Laura and her colleagues at Millington Travel, and inevitably the good news will spread via conversations, social media etc - all helping Millington Travel to gain more customers and prosper.

And all because Susie R took 'the trouble' to write a couple of heart felt comments on a postcard.

Thank you Susie - you've just given massive support to a local independent business.

So my request is this. If you'd like to show your support, just like Susie, for our local businesses, PLEASE ask to fill out a Review Postcard in the same way, or if its one of this year's qualifying businesses, leave your review online by following the link in the Business of The Year leaderboard. It will take just a few moments, but the impact is potentially HUGE.

Maybe you've just enjoyed good food and good service at your local restaurant. Ask to leave a review, so that others can benefit from your experience.

Or, you can support any local business/es by following this link on line.

On behalf of all local businesses, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing and loyal support.


The Bestof Market Harborough

PS: If you'd like to contact me about this article, or to find out more, please call me 07944 167840.

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