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13th January 2016
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We celebrated my daughter Meghan's 18th birthday last week by inviting a few family and her friends to The Race Club Go-Karting circuit in Corby.

Well, at the ripe old age of...(you must be joking!), I'd never driven a go -kart before, but as I hummed the familiar tune of Fleetwood Mac's 'Chains' in preparation, I felt pretty confident after xxx years of driving that I'd be able to teach these teenagers a thing or two about car racing. After all, most of them hadn't even passed their driving test and therefore were probably unlikely to know the difference between a steering wheel and a brake!

By now, you probably know where this story is heading. All I will say is that after completing 30 laps at what seemed to me like warp speed, I was handed my A4 sheet of "computerised results, accurate to the milli second" for each lap, and feeling quite smug, I set off to meet my fellow competitors.

Well obviously, the computer had broken down that day, because it suggested that I had come in 9th, out of a total field of ...er....9!

Of course, my glasses had steamed up throughout the 'race' making it difficult for me to see the cork screw turns and the big sweeping bends, let alone the highly challenging hairpin leading down to the Monaco Tunnel!

And of course, there was a suspected fault on the steering of my kart, which made me ease off the throttle a bit, and then all the other karts had go faster stripes...etc, etc, etc!

How humiliating! Even my wife beat me!

And as for the staff, - they wouldn't even take a bribe!

But despite my humiliation and probable foundation for frequent future ribbing, I don't think I've had so much fun in years!

For a great day/night out' where, whatever your age, you are guaranteed a lot of fun - call or go along to the Race Club Go-Karting circuit in Corby. The staff are brilliant, professional, and very customer and safety focused, with loads of corporate or general package facilities on offer.

See their website here.

I learned much about the competitive nature of my daughter and friends last week, and it taught me to think again before messing with teenagers in future, (at least, until I've had a few hours professional training and hard practice on the circuit - then I'll show 'em!).

In hindsite, I think I may have got my strategy wrong - I should have 'raced' rather than 'gone for a drive', and if that failed - I could have always cheated!

I think I've got it covered for next time.


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