Getting Paid to Go Shopping?!
21st January 2010
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Just imagine, you’ve paid for your groceries and the cashier smiles at you, says “Thank you very much for shopping with us,” and hands you a crisp £5 note.

And then, when you fill your car with fuel at the petrol station, you replace the nozzle and £2.50 drops into your hand from a slot in the pump.

Just imagine the same thing happened when you bought a pizza for your lunch and when you bought some perfume as a gift for your Mum, when you found a present for your baby nephew, when you got some paint to finally finish off the spare room and even when you bought a new pair of shoes for a special meal out (by the way, it happens when you pay for the meal too!).

Welcome to my world!

The Utility Warehouse CashBack card – available exclusively to members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club – enables you to earn 5% CashBack on all your shopping at thousands of stores throughout the UK.

Earn 5% CashBack on all your shopping at leading high-street retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Boots, Argos, Domino’s and many more including a host of clothing retailers. 5% CashBack is in addition to any sale prices, coupons or special offers in-store or online.

CashBack appears on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

The Utility Warehouse CashBack card is a unique card that gives you 5% CashBack on food and fuel at Sainsbury’s, clothing, DIY, health and beauty products and household and electrical goods – ask me for full details!

The Utility Warehouse CashBack card can make a massive difference to you – it could earn you hundreds of pounds a year. There is no limit to the amount of CashBack you can earn. Utility Warehouse customers are regularly making savings of over 30% on their household bills, simply by shopping!

Simply top up your Utility Warehouse CashBack card with the amount of money you choose, then use like any normal debit card and get 5% CashBack wherever you go shopping! CashBack appears on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

Topping up your CashBack card is easy, and you have complete control over your money at all times. You can’t spend more than you put on the card, so it’s easy to budget and you can control your spending. And there’s no minimum term contract on the card!

For full details ask me to see the Utility Warehouse CashBack card booklet.

How much could you earn next time you go shopping?

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