Garden Crime In Market Harborough & Leicestershire Villages
30th April 2009
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This is a message for all residents living in Harborough District from Harborough Police.

During the last week we have seen a significant increase in thefts in the rural villages around the district. The criminals involved have specifically targeted garden items such as bay trees and box hedges in planters, stone ornaments and even bags of compost.

At this time of year there is a ready market for garden accessories and many people will be buying new and expensive items for their gardens without taking any significant security precautions.

Harborough police would offer the following advice:-

• Try to place high value items in a position where they are overlooked or can be easily observed.
• Consider the use of ground anchors or spikes and wire to secure high value plants, planters and ornaments.
• Take a look at your garden from a thief's point of view and take appropriate precautions.
• Always remember - before every crime there is a suspicious incident. Report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to the police immediately.
• For further crime prevention advice - contact your local police by phoning 0116 222 2222.

Henry Whatley (7729)
Community Initiatives Coordinator
Harborough & Lutterworth Police

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