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14th April 2016
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The tick says it all!

Have you ever noticed that some Facebook pages have a small grey ‘tick’ in a circle at the end of the company name?  It’s quite small but extremely mighty! 

This small icon confirms to anyone visiting the page that the business has been checked out by Facebook and they have verified the company details that are showing on the page.

Applying to Facebook for verification is easy! 

To apply via your Facebook page you must have ‘Admin’ status.  You then:

1.    Click Settings
2.    Choose General and click on Page Verification
3.    Click Verify this Page and then Get Started
4.    Enter your listed business telephone number, your country and language
5.    Click Call Me Know
6.    Enter the 4-digit verification code Facebook will call to give you, and click Continue

Alternatively, you can verify your Page with a business document.  Follow steps 1 and 2 as above and then click Verify this Page with Documents instead, which appears at the bottom left of the window. You will then be given the opportunity to upload a picture of an official document bearing your business name and address.

Once Facebook has received your verification code or business document, they will check that the details you supplied match public records before sending a notification or email regarding your verification status.

Verification is not compulsory, however this badge of authenticity can be a valuable tool in marketing your business due to the inevitability of duplicate/multiple entries for the same business.  Just one little tick is all it takes to leave customers happy in the knowledge that they are definitely looking at the correct page.

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