Commercial Fireworks Stolen From Lockup Near Market Harborough
20th October 2009
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This is a message to all watch members and Key Individuals living in Harborough District from Harborough Police.

Sometime between the 12th and the 16th of October a quantity of large professional fireworks were stolen from secure premises within Harborough District we cannot be more specific than that for ongoing security reasons.

The fireworks that were stolen are extremely dangerous and are designed to be set off by a machine as part of a professional display. They are not designed to be lit by hand and as such they pose a real threat to anyone trying to light them as they may explode immediately.

If you have any information which could help us trace these fireworks or the people who stole them or if you are offered the chance to buy some large fireworks, please contact the police immediately by phoning 0116 222 2222. The worst case scenario is that these fireworks could end up in the hands of children where the consequences could be severe.

Please pass this message onto as many relevant people as possible. Your help is appreciated.

Henry Whatley (7729)

Community Initiatives Coordinator

Harborough Police

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