Cold Morning Car Theives Warning From Harborough Police
2nd December 2009
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With frosty weather predicted for the coming weeks, Harborough & Lutterworth Police would like to pass on this seasonal reminder to all our Watch members and Key Individuals.

Every year at this time, when there is a hard frost on the ground and on the windscreen, thieves get up early. They spend their mornings driving around villages and housing estates looking for the tell tale puff of an exhaust pipe.

When they find a car that has been left unattended with its engine running to defrost, they simply jump in and drive it away. Often the victim is able to watch as the thief drives away in their car.

We would urge all our watch members and Key Individuals to pass this message on to as many of their neighbours and friends as possible. Please don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle unattended at any time with its engine running. It is making a gift of your valuable car to people who don’t deserve it. In addition to this, leaving your keys inside may well invalidate your insurance!

Attached to this message you will find a poster designed to remind people about this kind of crime. If you are in a position to print and display this poster in your local notice board, shop window or your place of work it would be a great help as you will probably be helping us to reduce the number of victims that we will have to deal with later in the season.

Your assistance is truly appreciated.

Henry Whatley (7729)

Community Initiatives Co-ordinator

Harborough & Lutterworth Police

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