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21st January 2010
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Hello and welcome to my first ever blog.

I would like to introduce to you Bunjaway, the latest in fun and thrills for all ages. Bunjaway is a mobile bungee trampoline, which is a good alternative to bouncy castles if you’re having a birthday party or event.  I’m hoping to be in the town centre soon, either on The Square or in the memorial Gardens. I’m awaiting confirmation. All my safety certificates are in order as is my public liability insurance, so let’s keep our fingers crossed eh?

Some of you may have seen us at late night shopping.  A wet night and pretty cold, but everybody enjoyed themselves. Recently Bunjaway has been in Kettering and we have just been booked for Corby town centre for the Northamptonshire half term. That’s the week after the Leicestershire half term, which is when I want to be in Market Harborough town centre. The local community is important to me and I want to provide a fun and entertaining experience to the Harborough people as well as bring people into the town.

Anyway, take a look at my website for more info and I hope to see you bouncing up and down on my equipment before long. That’s enough blogging for now.

All the best from Bunjaway

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