Beat The Credit Crunch With TJ Thornton Jewellers Of Market Harborough
9th October 2008
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It seems we hear or read about the so-called "Credit Crunch" in every newspaper, magazine or news bulletin, not to mention the rising cost of fuel, food and just about everything else.
All is not lost!
Quite often, we often have the means to assist ourselves in these difficult times without realising it.
Most days over the past few months, I have had customers coming into the shop with a variety of jewellery items in their possession which they have received from dearly departed relatives over many years past, in need of impartial advice as to what to do with them.
I reassure them that it is alright to "do something" with these items, as I relate the analogy that "you probably wouldn't wear your Grandma's clothes, since your own taste in clothes is very different".
The same rule applies to jewellery!
I am delighted if someone wishes to retain an item or two for sentimental value but it's not a bad idea to try and "de-clutter" your life now and again, to coin a modern phrase. Fortunately, I am in a good position to assist, as I am a valuer and ex-auctioneer, and give people a view of the situation from all the angles.
The daytime television shows are packed with programmes such as Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt etc., which fully illustrate the realities of selling items, both good and bad, the Internet offers a myriad of potential opportunities to realise some extra money and there are car boot sales to occupy you every Sunday. But can you really be bothered?
So here is a "Tim'll fix it"solution to all these dilemmas, which really does work, puts a smile back on your face and may even put some cash in your pocket:
1/ Go through all the items in your jewellery box and pick out all the items either missing another half or are broken. Put them to one side.
2/Now go through the box again and really look at what's there. When did you last use that gold chain now that you wear white metal, and whilst you're there, the gold brooch?
3/ What's left. Anything?!........ I can hear the " well, I quite like that but it doesn't go with that dress,.... sentence about to roll off your tongue.
4/ Now you have sorted out the box , you can sell either sell the items found at stage 1 or 2 for scrap gold is at an all time high - (double the price of 20 years ago), or possibly get them repaired. ...... wait a minute! The scrap gold could pay for the repair! ..... there's an idea.
5/Now that you have condensed the contents of your box to manageable proportions, you may be lucky enough to have some money to play with. Why not revisit those items from stage 3 and remodel them for today's style? The money you've just made might cover the cost of the redesign!
Now, how painful was that? And you haven't even had to leave the comfort of the old armchair.
Go on, beat the Credit Crunch and treat yourself to a new one. You have earned it.
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