Alden Electrical's Tired Feet Feat!
16th April 2010
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Our latest offer of 2 x old smoke detectors to be replaced with new updated Aico Ionisation smoke alarms has been a cause of grief for me!

Monday morning I was up with the lark (well almost) and not so fit after a weekend of quite strenuous cycling.  Off I trotted with a bag on my shoulder, full of leaflets to post through the letterboxes of the whole of Market Harborough.  I was on a mission to advise all householders how they can cheaply and effectively protect themselves and their family for just £80 plus VAT.  Sadly the strain on my poor hard worked (and obviously under used) legs  was too much for me.  There are some very grand, and very long driveways in our town believe me!  After three hours of pounding those streets I had to relent and leave the rest of the job to my daughter.  My legs and feet were begging for rest.  The things I do for Alden Electrical!

So for all of you who have not yet received your leaflet and who have smoke detectors that are more than ten years old, just give me a call here in the office.

My telephone number is 01858 829 806 and I can be found currently enjoying a foot spa.  aah bliss.

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