Alden Electrical and the Christmas Trees Adventure
8th December 2009
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It was four thirty in the morning and we were up before the lark

The moon was big and shiny but it was still so very dark


We set off with the boom lift and ninety Christmas trees

We knew that the task ahead would be anything but a wheeze!


There was young Steve, Gary and me, dressed in festive Santa hat

And knitted vests and padded coats – we looked quite big and fat


The roads were free of traffic and the streets were quiet and bare

We thought we heard a footstep, when we looked no-one was there!


We dressed the trees in pretty lights, Steve fixed them to the wall

He had to wear a harness to catch him should he fall


As dawn approached, the world awoke and we were filled with cheer

As Postmen, joggers, cleaners, all kinds of people did appear


But ‘twas at the Angel Hotel (an incredibly apt name)

Hot drinks at last were offered, just as we had begun to wane.


As daylight broke and Harborough town set on its merry way

We packed our tools and trees and lights to carry on next day!






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