Lichfield's Best Restaurants
21st July 2009
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One of the many things that Lichfield is good at is Restaurants. I think we are probably the gastro capital of Staffordshire (or something like that). This is a theme that the we should pick up when we advertise ouselves to the world.

I have a few personal favourites. The Ruby never lets me down and is the first restaurant I ever went to in Lichfield. I love the cosy atmosphere in there and the food is excellent.

Then there's another institution in Lichfield, The Eastern Eye, run by the world famous, record breaking Abdul, never one to steer away from a nice bit of controversy (I'll say no more)!

 If you like Indian food there's also the Lodge at Shenstone which draws in the crowds from all around. I have been to The Lodge a few times and have never seen it anything other  than full. They have a very loyal following and rightly so.

For a subtle twist on the the whole Asian food thing, you should try Chautari - our very own Nepalese restaurant in Lichfield. The food is spiced but perhaps more subtly than Indian food. I do like Chautari, the service in there is wonderful and the owner Navindra is an ex Gurkha and a real gentleman.

Bringing us all the way back to Blighty is the new kid on the block, English House. I held a recent business meeting there and everybody just loved the food. It's all locally sourced, freshly cooked on the premises (none of this Ramsey routine where it's produced on an industrial estate and shipped out). It's a great new restaurant which I am sure will still be here in 10 years time.

Well, that's my list, how about yours -what's your favourite restaurant in Lichfield and why. Answers on a blog post please....

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