Exciting Times At Lichfield Cathedral
9th October 2014
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Herkenrode Glass is one Europe’s greatest artistic treasures and it has been housed at Lichfield Cathedral since 1803 after it was rescued from destruction during the Napoleonic Wars. 

Whilst the glass survived a variety of religious and political upheavals as well as a journey to England, it came under threat following centuries of weather and pollution, and the imminent collapse of the Lady Chapel. 

Emergency action was taken and the race began to save the East End and its priceless Renaissance glass. 

Funding was generously received from trusts, foundations and individuals and the glass was removed in 2010 and taken to Barley Studios where the conservation project would begin. 

So far, the project has consisted of strengthening the stonework in the South and North Choir aisles, replacing external stonework of the Lady Chapel, removing the Herkenrode Glass and moving to safe storage, installing clear isothermal glass and conserving the glass. 

The glass conservation began in 2012 and is scheduled for completion in 2015 when, in new tungsten brass frames, it will fit inside and be protected by the clear glass. 

Preparatory work is now underway to protect the interior of the Lady Chapel before scaffolding is erected and the glass is re-installed in November.   

Images © Barley Studios

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