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Good morning Paul. Hope you are well and life is going good for you 😊. Well, where do I start! Since seeing you, I have had four great years going back to Ireland by car and ferry and have seen some amazing things but the icing on the cake is I just had a few days in Dublin with my sister-in-law & niece and we went by plane ( can't believe I am putting this) in fact I am full of tears it was brilliant 🍀. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 😊
I'm sat in the bar at the Duke of York with a Guinness - celebrating easy blood test!!!!! It went really well thank you! I used the techniques you showed me to relax in waiting room and went in to see the nurse totally relaxed, almost excited, and held out my arm, closed my eyes and relaxed ..... next thing I know she said ‘okay all done!’ Brill thank you so much!!! 😀😀😀😀😀. As for this review, I’d like to say Fantastic Hypnotist! Very genuine, helpful and supportive. I absolutely recommend! 5/5.
When attending my first Hypnotherapy session with Paul, I was quite anxious as I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and didn't know what to expect. My anxiety was soon put to rest as Paul was very welcoming and friendly. He explained how Hypnotherapy worked and was willing to answer any questions I put forward. Time is no constraint with Paul as he will continue the session until he and you are both satisfied.
The hypnotherapy treatment I have received from Paul has made a noticeable positive impact to my goal. My mindset towards snacking and exercise has completely changed and I feel well on the way to achieving my target. Paul makes you feel at ease.
I have now had two sessions of therapy from Mr Friend, and he has provided very professional, effective and caring help.
Paul was thoroughly professional and gave confidence about what he could and couldn't help with. The treatment has made a noticeably positive impact that has made it much easier to work towards my health goals without the negative behaviours I was repeating before the treatment.
I had a massive fear of blood which I have previously had counseling for, but sadly with no success. I decided to contact Paul with the hope after much anguish, I could finally be free of this hell. Paul was friendly and understanding to my situation and talked me through the process. I explained to Paul about my other fears (germs and anxiety). I experienced two sessions, I wasn't always sure if I was hypnotized but maybe you don't know necessarily that you have been. The results. I still fear blood but I'm not as terrified as I was, I'm more calm and deal with it better. Amazingly I'm a lot better with fears of germs, even touching the floor and then my face. Picking things up in the supermarket, previously I found this really hard due to anxiety. I do feel that the hypnotism has worked to a degree. That's no reflection on Paul, just that maybe I need more sessions. I'd like to thank Paul, he has made a different certainly,
My son, aged 13, has always found standing up in front of the class to speak extremely daunting. Since starting senior school this developed into extreme stress and anxiety. Paul has made such a dramatic difference to my son, he now takes it all in his stride - it's a miracle! Would highly recommend Paul to anyone. He's fantastic.
Paul was very patient, understanding and approachable and I felt very comfortable in his presence. He did read from his notes a lot but this meant he was very thorough and I fully understood what he was going to do. Overall, a great experience.
Paul made me feel at ease straight away and enhanced my strengths. I would definitely recommend.
Paul has really helped my daughter with exam nerves. She passed her target grade and now she is well on her way to achieving the grades she wants.Paul is very helpful and more than happy to explain everything in detail. Very professional from start to finish. Excellent experience. Thank you Paul.
I have recently had 2 sessions of hypnosis with Paul and found his service both friendly and professional. Paul has cured my phobia of spiders which means I can take a holiday of a lifetime to Trinidad without fear. Thank you Paul!
My little girl, age 11, was very scared of dogs of all shapes and sizes, even puppies. It's been an ongoing thing for the last few years, and seemed to have got worse this year. We couldn't do family things like going to the park without her running off. We found Mr. Friend and he has been a godsend. He's been a lovely man to work with, and we can now do family things which is great.
I would highly recommend Paul Friend to anyone who wants to change their lives in anyway, stopping smoking, loosing weight, confronting phobias, Paul helps you change your mindset, how you look at issues and situations. Paul is very calm, relaxed and easy to talk to, he puts you at ease straight away. Paul's studio in Lichfield is very relaxing and professional at the same time. I would like to say thank you to Paul for all his help and encouragement. 5 Star Treatment.
Would highly recommend Paul to all my friends. Paul makes you feel at ease and is extremely knowledgeable. He has helped massively.
Great relaxing environment. Paul is a great guy to use for hypnotherapy in Lichfield.
Paul made me feel comfortable right from the start and I have made excellent progress. You must try the clinic!
I would like to recommend Paul Friend of The Paul Friend Hypnotherapy Clinic. I recently had a session with Paul and I was impressed at his professionalism. I was extremely nervous at the outset but Paul was able to put me at my ease throughout the whole session. Paul has a natural calming personality and therefore it was easy to discuss the issues I had with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone who is thinking of hypnotherapy as a method of addressing or learning to cope with a problem or phobia that they may have.
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