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Cuban Fury - Is it worth watching?

Cuban Fury or one parsnip’s journey to dance his way into the affections of a butterfly.

New Year, New You? Or New Day, New You?

The 31st December 2013 already seems like a long time ago; but how are those New Year's Resolution's really working out for you. Have you managed to become the 'New You' yet? If (like most people!) you haven't then don't worry about it, start again with a realistic goal this time.

Leeds hosts BBC Sports Personality 2013

Calling all sports fans, don’t forget to vote in this (voting available during the show) and for the lucky people of Leeds, the show is being hosted right here in our great city at the brand new Leeds First Direct Arena.

Spooky Treats for Halloween: Chocolate Truffle Eyeballs

Disgustingly delicious gastronomic delights to horrify and satisfy your Halloween guests!

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