To friend or not to friend, that is the Facebook question
28th September 2010
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We use Facebook quite a lot in our family.

My wife, a make up artist, uses it for her business (see here if you like), I use it to keep in touch with family elsewhere in the country and overseas and my daughters use it for the obvious social media networking that most teenagers use it for.

However, my eldest daughter, soon to turn 19, did not want either me or my wife as Facebook friends in the past. She argued that it would intrude on her privacy and we grudgingly accepted her point of view.

After all, we see her every day and are friends with her in real life, so why should we be bothered about not being virtual friends?

However, that same daughter has just gone to University.

Because we will see her far less often now, she agreed that we could become friends on Facebook to keep in touch with and 'message' her (she doesn't do email) when we needed her.

BUT...and it's a big but...we have agreed to her demands that to remain Facebook friends, we are not allowed to post any comments or 'likes' on her 'wall' or react to any of her photos. To break this rule would result in instant "unfriending".

OK, we said, that seems fine. 

Now, having been allowed to peer into the world of University fresher's week for the first time in a long time, I'm not so sure I want to know what she's getting up to. Seriously, there are some things I'd rather not know or think about.

How can you "unfriend" someone without their knowing?

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