Register as an organ donor is 3 minutes flat
20th May 2010
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Ever thought of being an organ donor? Tick.

Always had the best intentions to actually sign up? Tick.

Often forgot about these intentions as day to day 'life' got in the way? Tick.

Thought, perhaps, that it was too much of a hassle to go about finding out where and how you could get the right form to fill in and post off somewhere? Tick again.

However, then a friend suddenly needs a transplant and you resolve to find out how to go about this afterall. Today. Now.

So, went on Google and Googled 'Organ Donor Card'. Lo and behold, you can do it online in three minutes.


So, signed up for good and can now relax about things a little? TICK!

We're slightly ashamed that a simple matter of what has been the most convenient for us has finally made the difference to us.

But, unfortunately, isn't that often the case??

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