it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas
11th December 2009
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Polite message to everyone who stops in their tracks at the top or bottom of escalators, and to all those people who walk into me as if I were invisible – please develop some spatial awareness! 

Sorry but I had to get that off my chest. I’m hot, bothered, and tired after a morning in Kingston. I went in for a meeting and decided to make good use of my time by getting some bits for Christmas.

I do understand how people become oblivious to other people when out shopping at this time of year. I don’t know how people with long Christmas shopping lists cope. Well, I do. They get stressed and argue with their partners.

However, there’s one thing about Kingston. It does offer a myriad of choice. And there’s lots of places to sit over coffee and a bite to eat while you pause for breath and cross things off your list (if you’re organised enough to have a list that is).

If you’re prepared to get into the spirit (perhaps a glass of mulled wine from the German market may help) you’ll find lots of great presents without going too far afield.

I noticed a fab idea downstairs in Bentall’s. They’re selling packs for different experiences such as spa days. They’re like Red Letter Days used to do but these are by Virgin. I’m sure other places sell them too. 

If you’re looking for smellies there’s Jo Malone, Moulton Brown, L’Occitane, and Crabtree and Evelyn.

Food for Thought, the health food shop in the market square, has a lovely range of gift food – ideal for people on special diets. They also stock really nice natural toiletries that don’t contain harmful chemicals and which are ethically produced.

The Christmas craft market supposedly sells more unusual gifts, but I’m a bit disappointed with it this year. There seemed to be a lot of imports rather than genuine crafts. And I really don’t think knife-sharpening devices have any place in a craft fair.

Going by the queues to get into Kingston, into the car-park, and at the tills, the shops should receive a much-needed boost to their takings. And on that subject spare a thought for the poor assistants.

Not only are they on their feet all day looking after our needs, they also have to do their own Christmas shopping. I have to say that in every store I went in, bar one (but it’s always the same in there) the assistants were smiling, helpful, and polite. 

But if you do brave Kingston any time from now up to  Christmas Eve, take the bus or walk!  The queue for the Eden Walk car-park was long even at 9.15 on a Friday morning. I can usually get a space on the first floor quite easily at that time. 

And make sure you don’t get in the crossfire of those frazzled and fractious couples arguing over what to buy. One of my favourite overheard Christmas conversations went something like this:

Husband: “What should we get them this year and how much should we spend?”

Wife: “Well, they didn’t buy us anything last year, so I don’t see why we should even bother.”

So in the spirit of giving and goodwill!




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