15th December 2009
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I have just generated some editorial coverage for a client of mine in his local paper.

He manages a bar and won a national competition for cocktail mixing.  We took a great photo of him behind the bar with his winning cocktail and his two local papers ran it the following week. 

He emailed me the following Monday to say how embarrassed he had been to have been stopped when he was out shopping at the weekend by a couple of shoppers who recognised his photo!

This is a perfect example of the power of editorial coverage which is not only free, but it is much more likely to be read than advert.

For these two reasons alone, you should be trying to generate some regular press coverage for your business.

Like all good things in life, it takes a little effort but if you want to target the Surrey Comet then here are some tips to improve your chances of success:

1.  Know the journalist’s name - Each area is covered by a specific journalist so addressing your news to the right person means it is less likely to get lost.  

 2.  Know your deadlines - Find out which days of the week the main news pages are written so you can send them your information in plenty of time.

3.  Make sure you are within the catchment area - Newspapers will only cover news from businesses which are within their circulation area

4.  Get the important details down straight away - Make sure the first paragraph  includes the crucial details so the journalist (who will have about 20 releases a day to read) can understand what the press release is about straight away.  

5.  Don't forget the contact details - Make sure at the end of the release you include a name, telephone number and email address.  Don't just ask them to refer to a website.

6.  Buy It - Having been a journalist myself, there is nothing more infuriating than being chased by someone wanting to know if their release went into the paper.  If you have sent news for consideration then go and buy the paper yourself to see if it has been included.  



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