Eden Walk stairway – access to car-park, party venue, or rubbish bin?
13th November 2009
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I do solemnly swear that my next blog post will be upbeat, positive, unmoany, and full of enthusiasm for all things Kingston. But I’m afraid it’s a bit down-beat again. 


I was in Kingston for a breakfast meeting this morning and parked in the Eden Walk multi-storey about 7:45.  I used the stairs that come out at the side of M&S and opposite Boots in the Eden Walk precinct. And what a disgusting mess I had to wade through on my way down.


A group of people had obviously thrown what looked like a birthday tea party on the stairs the night before (I know, bizarre but there you go). There were what looked like wrappers from fairy cakes (again, bizarre), the ubiquitous fast-food cartons, plastic carrier bags, drink cans, umpteen cigarette butts, bits of wrapping paper and envelopes from cards.  Believe me, the pictures make it look loads better than it actually did. 


It was horrible but it was early and environmental services are usually really on the ball about cleaning the town after the previous night’s excesses. However, when I went back at 1:30, the mess was still there.


For the life of me, I can’t see the attraction of having a party on that particular stairwell. And I really don’t understand the mentality of people who just leave their rubbish for other people to move. But, when the shops are paying the rates they are, I think Eden Walk management has a duty to make sure every inch of the place is kept as clean as possible.  I know it’s a backwater, but it’s an access to and from the car park and the precinct nonetheless.


On the bright side, as a party venue, it’s cheap if not very cheerful, has seating (of a sort), and could hold a fair number of people.


Just remember to take your rubbish home with you please.




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