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It's Voting Time

05 May 2011 13:38

Election Day... have your say!!!

Stourport Publican Raises a Glass to the Royal Couple

Stourport Publican Raises a Glass to the Royal Couple

Bewdley Flood Plans Unveiled

12 April 2011 07:42

The residents of Bewdley have been given the chance to scrutinize and debate new plans for a flood prevention scheme in the town that has been so prone to flooding in past years.

Social Media... What’s it all about?!

Gone are the brochure style one way communication tools used online for the past 10 years to sell your product, or build your brand

Plans for the Weekend

31 March 2011 11:26

With the sun now starting to shine in Kidderminster, what are you going to do this weekend...

We asked local residents to find out what they have planned.

Kidderminster Harriers Early Tickets on Sale after Promotion Push

The Harriers have announced that they are offering a fabulous earlybird Season Ticket price for 2011/2012...

Beer Duty Rise Hits Local Breweries

Local Worcestershire based breweries are hit by 2011 Budget.

Alexandra Burke to sing for LINC at Cheltenham Racecourse

Alexandra Burke is to sing for LINC at Cheltenham Racecourse...

Extra Funding For Pothole Repair Worcestershire

The 2011 Budget has meant that Worcestershire has gained extra funding to repair more of it’s potholes throughout the county

New Business on thebestofkidderminster

Flowers of Kidderminster, an award winning florist situated on Lisle Avenue is the newest local business member to sign up tothebestofKidderminster.

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