Extra Funding For Pothole Repair Worcestershire
28th March 2011
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Funding Granted For Pothole Repair


The 2011 Budget has meant that Worcestershire has gained extra funding to repair more of it’s potholes throughout the county. Worcestershire county council has been awarded an extra £3m for the forthcoming financial year which will be used to repair more potholes.


In the last year alone the council claims it has repaired more than 33,000 potholes across the county. It has also declared that the spending of this extra money will be documented on its website by the end of September.


Figures reported by the council suggest that over £11 million is spent on highway maintenance; potholes, road surfacing and various signage.


All highway agencies of which there are 153 will receive a share of the extra funding, officials at Worcestershire Count Council are waiting to hear just how much of that share they will receive.


The council urges residents of Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley to report any potholes via its website (link below)



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