Your Guide to Perfect Wedding Photography- Part One Choosing your Photographer
26th January 2013
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This is why it is so important to have great photos, capturing everything and telling the story of the day. The memories of such a special occasion, will always be with you but there is nothing better than looking back at your wedding album to help you re-live the emotions and the happiness that you felt on the day.

Choosing a photographer is therefore an important part of those preparations and should be done with careful consideration.

This is part one of a guide to offer just some advice and guidance to couples looking for a photographer for their special wedding day.

Start by checking out a few websites and try to get an understanding of the different styles that are available. Then look for a photographer in your area that offers the styles you like. Once you have done this, arrange a meeting and ask to see their albums as well as a slide show. Ask questions about the different shots and the story behind them, this will confirm if they are their own images.

Do your homework, ask questions!

Here is a list of possible questions that you may find helpful.

  • Ask how long they have been photographing weddings? Experience is good but you will pay more, so using a less experienced photographer can save money and give great results.
  • Ask about their qualifications? Do they belong to a professional body like the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photographers)
  •  Do they have any recent testimonials you can read? Do they have any customers that would be willing to talk to you about their own experience.
  • Do they have insurance? This is important, as anything can happen.
  • Do they use more than one camera? A professional will always have at least 2 cameras and a backup.
  • Will they be the photographer on the day? This is always worth checking

  • Do they have a backup plan in case of illness or accident? This will most possibly be detailed in the contract.

Once you are happy the photographer should ask you to sign a contract that details everything out in full. Take your time, read it and make sure that you are happy. Then ask for a statement with the details of the package. It is important that you check the detail but you also need to feel good about your relationship with the photographer. So take some time to get to know and understand them and take the time to explain your vision and expectations of the day.

Part 2 to follow is about 'The Day' itself.

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